Project outputs


With Advocate4Environment we aim at developing three concrete products:

A curriculum about environmental protection and advocacy aimed at young people, an advocacy handbook aimed at youth workers to help them support young people in becoming advocates and a line of video stories about young advocates to promote the importance about advocacy for environmental protection and to inspire young people to take action.

Below you can read more about the individual outputs:

The outputs

  • Environmental Education and Advocacy Curriculum

    The Environmental Education and Advocacy curriculum aims to promote the understanding of concepts related to the environment and sustainability. Thus, it seeks the development of conscious and critical individuals by strengthening advocacy practices.

    The target group of the curriculum are young people, who want to learn more about sustainability, climate adaptation and environment protection, as well as advocacy tools and approaches in order to be able to act and become advocates for building a more green society.

    The curriculum will be developed in a format that will both be applicable in a group and individual learning setting, either in face-to-face activities or online.

    Find the curriculum here.

  • Advocacy Handbook

    The Advocacy Handbook aims to foster the understanding of the impact of advocacy as a means to empower youth participation and the importance of example-driven leadership through advocacy.

    The target group of the handbook are professionals or volunteers working with youth. The handbook will contain information and tools to develop and implement an advocacy strategy, introduce the concept of web advocacy and its possibilities to reach youth for a cause, and how to use social mobilisation networks to increase the advocacy impact.

    Find the handbook here.

  • Video stories of young advocates

    Through-out the project activities, two young advocates from each country will be selected for inspirational case stories. They will be asked to tell their story about how they became active in environmental or climate advocacy in order to inspire other young persons to also become advocates. 

    The stories will be presented in short videos that will be published on the project website and social media. 

    Find the stories here.