Case videos of young advocates for environment

The Advocate4Environment case stories of young advocates aim to act as role model portraits to inspire other youngsters to find the courage to take action and speak up for the environment.

Through-out the project activities, two young advocates from each country were selected for inspirational case stories.

They were asked to tell their story about how they became active in environmental or climate advocacy in order to inspire other young persons to also become advocates. 

The stories are presented as short videos where the youngsters talk about what motivates them, how they see environmental protection and climate action as important, and why they think other youngsters should engage themselves in advocacy.

The videos are available on this page:

Andreia from Portugal
Davide and Ana from Portugal
Andraz from Slovenia (English subtitles)
Andraz from Slovenia (Slovenian subtitles)
Tanja from Slovenia (English subtitles)
Tanja from Slovenia (Slovenian subtitles)
Gary from Ireland
Daniel from Ireland